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Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

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Are you thinking of a classical and trendy gift for next Christmas or a special occasion? Well, you can choose between different types of packing for our bottles and different formats.
The gift boxes for both the single bottle and the Magnum, for the two bottles and the three bottles will complete your gifts with a classical touch. 
The wooden box for one, two, three and six bottles or for one Magnum will give an extra value to the wine and valorize it even more.
More out of the schemes instead is our offer of large formats. We have the Magnum (1.5 liters), the Jeroboam (3 liters) and the Mathusalem (6 liters), all being delivered in single wooden boxes.
Have a look at this link to discover the different options we have for the gift boxes and for our large formats.
For any offer you can contact us at info@de-stefani.it

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